Corporate Social Responsibility

With our Corporate Social Responsibility activities we want to raise awareness of the social responsibility of the company outside of BRP and strengthen staff commitment.

The six pillars of the CSR Program

BRP’s CSR mission statement revolves around the choice of six key pillars concerning our primary obligations and interest groups and which reflect the commercial, environmental and societal effects of our company. Aside from the importance of all these pillars, we have and we always will consider the pillar of product safety an especially unique feature. We have undertaken to build vehicles that are safe and which comply with all the legal requirements and regulations for driver protection.


BRP and its subsidiaries adhere to the United Nations Global Compact’s principles which promote best practices for businesses in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.


Our Code of Ethics states the principles of integrity and standards of ethical behaviour expected from each of its directors, officers, employees and representatives in the conduct of their business.


In line with the company’s CSR pillars several stakeholder groups were defined, in order to help focus our efforts on aspects relevant to them. During internal stakeholder exercise, transparency and disclosure aspects were rated highly from a corporate social responsibility perspective.


Energy is important to BRP because it impacts our company’s operational efficiency and influences the GHG emissions that we generate.

ISO 14001 Certificate

Sustainable development is a matter of common sense and our responsibility for the future. It is therefore important to anticipate and systematically integrate environmental considerations into business decisions.

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BRP was evaluated with a disclosure score of 93, well above the CDP program average of 84 and above the industry group average of 86.


Our employees are our most valuable assets and protecting their health and safety is essential to our values and to our business.


We were rewarded with the BGF Gütesiegel for exemplary workplace health promotion.

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Health & Safety

All of our initiatives, from health and safety trainings over personal development plans to well-being activities are moreover part of our employee value proposition.

Product safety

BRP is a leader in the powersports industry. Our goal to thrill people is paired with an emphasis on rider responsibility, placing personal safety above all else.

Health & Safety

BRP conducts H&S assessments for all recreational products at several lifecycle stages, including the development of product concept, research and development, marketing and promotion, distribution, use and service.


We do business with suppliers from around the world and we apply standard criteria in their selection and evaluation. In 2012, we started the deployment of a Suppliers’ Code of Conduct in order to promote high ethical norms and our commitment to social responsibility through the supply chain.

Relationship Management

Our Supplier Relationships Management (SRM) program allows us to clearly communicate our goals and objectives to key strategic suppliers while properly supporting them in their efforts to meet those objectives.

Role in the Community
Youth Projects

With a variety of projects, we are committed to inspire children’s and young people’s interest in science and technology and to sensitize all participants to encourage interest in technology among young people.

Utility Vehicles

Several vehicles are adapted for use by professionals at the service of our communities such as local police, lifeguards and security professionals.


BRP and its subsidiaries have several long-term partnerships with organizations linked with their values, most notably rescue organizations and educational institutions. We put our vehicles and expertise at the service of the communities in which we operate and we strengthen these communities through social and economic contributions.


For further questions and up-to-date informations about environment, please contact Madeleine Siess (Energy Management & CSR) by phone (+43 7246 601 3273).