Reliability with the greatest of ease.

Rotax aircraft engines stand for outstanding performance, reliability, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

The compact and light weight design of Rotax aircraft engines has been developed by pilots for pilots for use on many kind of aircraft. Our goal is always to maximize the fun and to minimize the weight. Experienced engineering teams and a wide spectrum of R&D facilities guarantee that we deliver customer-oriented solutions and exceed customer expectations.

Robustness & Quality

More than 175,000 Rotax aircraft engines have been sold since 1973. Of this number, 50,000 were four-stroke engines from the well-known 912/914 series. All Rotax aircraft engines are approved for operation with ethanol 10, MOGAS and AVGAS.

Economical and efficient

The low running costs and a design that pioneers power to weight ratio is why more than 200 aircraft manufacturers worldwide place their trust in our technology. The distribution and service of Rotax aircraft engines and parts is undertaken by 200 authorised distributors, service centres and repair centres all over the world.

Experience the world of Rotax engines

As the largest producer of small gasoline aircraft engines in the world, our aircraft eniges are the first choice of more than 250 aircraft manufacturers around the globe. Join us.

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