Shaping the future

We set new standards in the powersports industry and focus on technologies that make our products more efficient and environmentally friendlier.

We use superior technology to create the basis for dynamic performance and passionate moments.

Developing new technologies fascinates and inspires us. It makes our work thrilling and diversified.

Our Rotax ACE and E-TEC engines are a proof of it.

Our technologies

ACE - 4 Stroke

Rotax 600 ACE

The Rotax® 600 ACE™ (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) is the Rotax 4-stroke family’s first engine to set new standards in the powersports industry. It’s the most fuel-efficient engine in its class with a mere 8L/100 km consumption and a fuel range of 500 km in the snowmobile application. That’s 45% less than the closest competitor in its class.


Rotax ACE 900

The Rotax ACE 900 inline three-cylinder four-stroke delivers outstanding fuel economy, lightweight performance and low-cost operation. The ACE 900 engine delivers 50% more power and up to 77% more torque than the ACE 600 model. BRP rates the engine at up to 23.3 mpg (10 L/100 km) in its ECO driving mode. Models equipped with the ACE 900 engine meet the stringent U.S. National Park Service Best Available Technology (BAT) requirements with no modifications.


Rotax 1330 ACE

The Rotax 1330 ACE in-line triple cylinder engine linked to a six-speed transmission that delivers higher torque, smoother riding and greater efficiency. The ACE engine provides a maximum fuel range of up to 250 miles (400 km).

E-TEC® - 2-Stroke

BRP is the leader in 2-stroke technology. E-TEC engine technology is known for delivering maximum lightweight efficiency with extremely low oil consumption. E-TEC engines hardly emit smoke or smell in the combustion process. As well, they feature low maintenance costs. A big plus considering their longevity. Rotax E-TEC engines are not just the best in the business – they’re above and beyond.

Aircraft - iS fuel injection system

The Rotax® 912 iS Sport aircraft engine uses a fuel injection system, similar to the automotive industry’s proven solution, but optimized for the high requirements in the aviation industry. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) controls the fuel and air mixture electronically and is implemented redundantly. It also contains an independent databus system, which allows an interface to cockpit instruments. The Rotax 912 iS Sport engine presents the latest technology in the aircraft engine industry and delivers 38 to 70% better fuel efficiency than comparable competitive engines.


The Sequential Electronic 5-gear transmission (SE5) is the same semi-automatic transmission found in the revolutionary Can-Am Spyder.


The 6-speed transmission is found in the Can-Am® Spyder® RT Limited and enables you to drive at low rpm with ease. It makes the Spyder the ultimate way to enjoy the road.

With a main focus on reducing fuel consumption, cost of owner ship and finally following the future requirements in Emission regulation coming with EURO 4 in 2017 BRP developed the 1330 ROTAX engine. The high low end torque combined with an overdrive 6 speed gearbox supports to reduce fuel consumption but also contributes in the NVH engine behavior as it is requested from a typical Spyder cruising customer.

The new semi automatic 6 speed transmission, actuated by a hydraulic logic, convinces in its functionality supported by an electro-hydraulically modulated clutching system. Both systems are controlled by a Transmission Control Module (TCM) where BRP-Rotax defined the software architecture and functions.

Within the intelligent gear box from ROTAX we could achieve a perfect merge in a design for the specific needs for a recreational product in combination with a carry-over of automotive standard components like sensors and actuators. With the result of fulfilling the functional needs by having a cost efficient product.

Continuously Variable Transmission

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is employed in all of BRP's all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles, as well as in snowmobiles. BRP can customize the CVT to meet requirements with respect to terrain, sound emissions, weight and high-speed acceleration.

Fuel injection

Fuel injection for direct injected 2-stroke engines is based on E-TEC® technology. Our 4-stroke engines on the other hand, are based on multi-port fuel injection systems (MPFI). BRP has the technology and expertise to apply a current fuel system to a specific engine or specific applications.

Exhaust gas after-treatment

We are dedicated to respecting the environment and minimizing the effect that our powertrains have on it. With legislative requirements in mind, BRP developed a marine exhaust gas after-treatment system with a “3-way catalytic converter” for marine applications. This unique system fulfills the 5g CO + NOx within a nominal power of 260 HP.


BRP-Rotax pioneered the first mechanically-powered supercharger for its Sea-Doo watercraft model 1503 SC and 1503 HO. Having the appropriate charging characteristic is crucial for the specific torque demands of the pump drive system. The main advantage of the mechanically-driven charger over the turbocharger is that the charging pressure rises without any delay.